Areas of practice

Litigation and Arbitration

HUCK OTRANTO CAMARGO’s litigation and arbitration area is today the firm’s flagship practice. 


We are prepared to represent our clients’ interests in virtually all sorts of cases, at different courts and tribunals.


Each dispute is unique and must be handled accordingly. Actual or potential conflicts are entrusted to highly skilled and often interdisciplinary work groups, capable of rapidly and effectively interacting with the client to produce the most satisfactory and less costly outcome possible.


Litigation and arbitration costs are factors of concern for our clients. Keeping this in mind, we carefully analyze each situation, deciding with the client on the best strategy to be followed and considering the risks involved at each stage. We work in perfect sync with the representatives of each client, its legal department and advisors, which allows us to offer effective and economically efficient solutions to the most different types of conflicts.


We are aware that legal proceedings and arbitration are not necessarily ends in themselves, but rather one of the possible paths to achieve solutions that are sound from a corporate, financial and institutional standpoint. Our ability to mobilize efforts, take simultaneous initiatives and react quickly on different fronts is a major benefit that gives our clients an edge on the settlement of strategically important disputes.


HUCK OTRANTO CAMARGO’s litigation and arbitration team is qualified to provide legal advice to its clients in all Brazilian states. The firm has an efficient network of legal correspondents that assist it by providing the necessary logistic support in litigation cases brought in far-off judicial districts and in other countries. We have the expertise required to lead complex multilateral proceedings involving strategic actions that progress simultaneously in different locations, which demand a uniform response and concerted action from the firms involved.


With the support of our office in Brasília, which is completely integrated to our head office in São Paulo, we follow up closely on our clients’ cases from their outset, at the first-instance court, up to final judgment from the Superior Court of Justice or the Federal Supreme Court.


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