Areas of practice

Labor and Social Security Law

HUCK OTRANTO CAMARGO is active in the most diverse fields of labor relations, offering legal advice and representing clients in collective bargainings, as well as providing legal advice in strike situations, inspections and audits. The firm has expertise in matters such as flexible working hours and control of working hours; job, career and salary planning; forms of variable compensation and other incentives; doubts concerning payment of allowances and other labor and payroll charges; rules on labor entitlements, promotions and job changes; employee duties and assignments; doubts involving issuance of payment forms and labor documents in general; hiring and granting of benefits under incentive; profit sharing; contract termination; closing of units; voluntary termination plans; legal rules on safety and occupational medicine, and on accident prevention; monitoring and shutdown of facilities and equipment.


We represent our clients’ interests in labor claims in both the administrative and judicial spheres.


The firm is active in all labor instances and courts and before the Ministry of Labor and the Labor Public Attorney’s Office. The procedural documents prepared in our defenses take into account specific circumstances and adopt the most appropriate legal stands. We assist our clients in evaluating labor contingencies, calculating claims, awards and charges and in determining the chances of success or likelihood of defeat in legal proceedings to help them make strategic decisions and negotiate settlements.


We have specific experience in outsourcing, mass layoffs, the Workers’ Food Program (Programa de Alimentação do Trabalhador – PAT), indebtedness with the Unemployment Compensation Fund (Fundo de Garantia do Tempo de Serviço – FGTS), and Terms of Agreement (Termos de Ajustamento de Conduta – TAC).


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