Areas of practice

Our focus is on our clients.


At HUCK OTRANTO CAMARGO, segmentation of work into several areas and specialties does not change the core nature of our services. Our work teams are adjusted to the needs of our clients, according to the particularities involved in each case.


The firm renders a broad array of services, seeking a balance between specialization and a broader view of the clients’ situation and of the practical results expected from each strategy. Whenever demanded by a client’s needs, professionals from the tax, labor, litigation, corporate and real estate areas have all the incentives and resources necessary to keep in close and constant contact while handling the case.


Teams are organized to meet the specific needs of each case, at no internal transaction cost. To secure a macro and strategic view of the clients and a coherent treatment of all aspects of its relationship with HUCK OTRANTO CAMARGO, each case has a lawyer in charge.

São Paulo | SP

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Brasília | DF

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